Ableskiver Pan

This is the pan that is used to make Ableskivers.
This is the pan that is used to make Ableskivers.

I remember begging Grandma (Farmor in Danish) to make ableskivers. Usually when it was cold.  It was a comfort food that I enjoyed watching her make.  When someone asks me what an ableskiver is I usually describe it as pancake balls.  Just like pancakes they are made with a batter that is cooked in butter in a special pan.  When they are ready you can put butter, powdered sugar, and syrup on them.  Some people like to put jam or fruit on the inside while they cook but I like them plain.  

Ableskivers aren't that hard to make, but Grandma only made them a couple of times a year.   I have carried on the tradition and make them every Christmas morning for my family.  To me they represent my Danish heritage and remind me of cooking with my grandma.  The Danes are known for "hygge" which is best described as cozziness.  This dish is my hygge.

Place(s): Fresno, California, Denmark
Year: 1890

– Stasha Tiller

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant