This object is Mole Poblano it is important for me and my family. Because when my mom was born, at the age of 5 in Mexico she started working but working with her mom. She would always carry buckets full of water from the well. Those buckets of water were for drinking, taking a bath, and to wash the dishes. After she finished helping her mom she always used to help her mom on making. Mole is a soup in a sauce with meat like chicken or pork and there are two types of mole’s, mole rojo and mole Verde. Mole is the short name for Mole Poblano and my mom was born in Mexico, Jolalpan Puebla. After adding all the ingredients, it becomes a spicy soup.  Now that my mom knows how to make mole she could teach me how to make it.

Place(s): Mexico, Jolalpan , Puebla

– Jeffrey

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