China Set


This set of china belonged to my grandmother, and was passed down to me. I remember this set as far back as I can remember, and every time I take it out I feel like my grandmother is seated at our table. It’s a simple floral pattern on the inside, and the painted design has come off from wear and tear, yet to me these will always be beautiful because of their sentimental meaning. My Grandmother Marie was very proud of these dishes, as this was one of her first purchases as a newly married woman and as a new New Orleanian. She felt proud to have such a nice set of china in her house, and loved to show off her hostess skills. My grandmother bought this set of china at D.H. Holmes on Canal Street, which was a famous department store here in the South that no longer exists. So, not only does this set of china tie me to my grandmother, but it ties me to the city I know and love. 

Place(s): New Orleans

– Kathleen

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant