Maggi Warga and Spiced Tea

Relationship: Im/migrant

   My immigrant object was at my cousin's house and I didn’t even know it existed.  When I asked for an object my cousin, Alvin, took items that he had with him during the time, he emigrated here. He showed me a block of spice and a bag of tea.  I thought to myself “These items don’t have any importance”.    This unit changed how I saw these items because it showed me that these items do have importance. My first object is called Warga for tea and the second item is called Maggi, which is a spice).  These are made of herbs, and peppermint.  Maggi is made of salt, spices and other flavours.  Warga cleans out all the germs in your body and makes you use the bathroom all day.  Maggi adds flavour to our food and reminds me of my country Senegal. Maggi also reminds me of celebrations in Senegal, especially during Independence Day, April 4.  These objects are important to us because Warga helps us stay alive when we are extremely sick. The way you use Maggi with chicken is: 1.Cook the food (Chicken, preferably) 2.Take out the chicken and let it cool down 3. Add a dash of maggi to it The way you make Warga:  Boil water Pour Warga in the boiling water Get a strainer Pour the tea in cup leaving the Warga leaves in the strainer Add sugar or honey and ENJOY

Place(s): Senegal
Year: 2011

– Cristopher

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant