Magen Dovid Necklace

My grandfather's name was Husgia Savievich Mikhaylov, but everyone called him Peter. He fought for the Russian Army during World War 2. His father fought for the Russian Army during World War 1 and was captured and imprisoned by the Germans, where he was trained to become a tailor. At the end of the war, he was released and gifted the sewing machine that he learned on. He hauled the sewing machine from Germany back to his home in Russia. Throughout my great-grandfather's life, he had this necklace with him. It was passed down to him from his father and he passed it down to his son, my grandfather. After my grandfather's death, my father went to Israel for the funeral. The necklace was given to him to give to me because my grandfather chose to pass the necklace down to me, his only grandson. This necklace has been in my family for more generations than I know. It is a symbol of my family's history.

Year: 1992

– Jonathan Mikhaylov

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