The Machete is an important object in the Campo. It looks like a knife but it is stronger and more useful. In Dominican Republic, the Campo, machetes are constantly use. It is use for many things, is like a tool that you can use for anything. Including, gardening- to cut trees and clean the yard and plants. Also to cut meat, kill chickens, cut hard fruits like coconuts and pineapples, also cacao. I can see how my parents/grandparents use the machete so many times. I love using the machete because I feel the power and happiness of being strong and getting things done, just like my grandparents/parents, that look like superheroes when they are using the machete. When they were working and needed another machete, we were send to get it but we wouldn’t find it because is always well hidden. They hide the machete under the bed. Though the machete was well hidden under the bed, sometimes kids would find it and use it knowing they shouldn't. It was too dangerous for us to use the machete and one of the younger boys was using it, that's when my grandparents/parents made it clear that machetes shouldn't be near us because anyone could get harm with it specially children. Now when machetes are use at home children stay away knowing that as they grow older they will be able to work with the machetes like superheroes.

Year: 2012

– Kelany

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child