Journey from Mexico to America

Portrait of Grandpa
Portrait of Grandpa

Raul Gonzalez, my Grandpa and one of the most important people in my life, was born in Mexico on December 15, 1942. He grew up without a father figure with just his mother in Mexico with almost no source of income. He began working in the fields as soon as he could. Raul Gonzalez had grown up always working, never went to school. My Grandpa would work in the fields in the U.S., come back to Tijuana, have his boss pick him up and take him back to the U.S. constantly.My Grandpa had 6 kids, 5 boys, and 1 girl, and hit them with reality as soon as possible. They began working as soon as they could, and once they got their check, my Grandpa would take it away from them, not letting them get a single cent of it. My Uncles Mario, Raul, Norberto, Fernando, and my Aunt Claudia came along with my Dad Joel at different times. They were told that coming to the U.S. was strictly for work and school and should continue to remain that way. My Dad along with my Uncles began went with their typical day of running to school and arriving at 8, soon following to cross country practice, running about 8 miles, then running to work and picking avocados in the fields until dark, getting home to eat, do homework and chores, then sleeping only to do it again the next day.
One night, my grandpa sat everyone together during dinner and told them his plan. His plan was that he had already bought 8 pieces of land in Mexico along with a house and had told him it was for their future as soon as they got back from working and going to school in the U.S.

– Adriana Gonzalez

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