tool box

a Box of tools
a Box of tools

The image of a tool box means the hard work, the journey of my grandfather's mission , and the key to my grandfather's success. On 1976 my grandfather came to America as an illegal immigrant for a pursue of a better life. Being America with No papers nor education really limited his job choice. He went down the route of construction work and carpeting. He worked so hard to where he, his wife, and his son would have a home. He continued his hard work for many years making it a journey to get out of the hood. He eventually saved a good amount of cash to where he could buy a new home in Lake Elsinore. With all the money he had he went to own properties. He still worked but not for him for me and my sister to assure us to get to college. Now that he has a beautiful home he had another mission to overcome. He unfortunately was diagnosed with cancer recently. I know my grandpa he is strong he will get through it, as we all believe in him. 

Place(s): Mexcio and California
Year: 1976

– Samuel Osuna

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant