Growing up in a third world country isn't always ideal when it comes to having a good education and pursuing a career that would help you support your family. Both of my parents being born in Bangladesh made me realize how lucky I am to be born in a first world country and get everything that I desire. My father being the first in the entire family to come to the U.S. at such a young age made me realize that if my father has the courage and bravery to come to a completely foreign land 41 years ago not knowing anyone at all but now owns different properties and making a good living, then I can achieve so much more as an American born if I have the courage and bravery like my father. This briefcase was something that was so precious to my father from his paternal grandfather that had gave it to him as a gift before coming and he brought it with him to the U.S. It’s definitely something that always reminds him of back home and he cherishes it still to this day and has been using it since. My father came to the U.S. on January 6, 1975 with a few close friends from back home in Bangladesh and they landed in New York City where he made his home for over 40 years now. My father always describes how different life is here than it was back home, of course cultural aspects was a major difference but he says how much he has changed by coming here and never regrets his decision.

Year: 1975

– Sam

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