The photo displays my beautiful family, with their bright smiles they usually make challenging situations to seem small waves that will pass with no time. From left to right: it starts with me, my loving mother (Yuby), my step-father (Bienvenido), my brother (Kevin), and my lovely sister (Brenda). My family originally came from Dominican Republic. The situation in Dominican Republic was not easy especially if you lacked money and a proper job, and because my parents divorce we lacked proper support. Life was extremely hard my mother had to think of something quick to ensure we all led a comfortable life. My mother came to the United States in 1997, and she worked hard; day and night and within no time she established herself as a leader. In 1999 after my mother saved enough money, my mother brought my sister and I to the U.S.  My mother means the world to me; thus when we were reunited with her, I was extremely happy; nothing can match the excitement that I felt. In addition, we were going to the country of my dreams; what I felt is definitely irreplaceable.  While at work, my mother met with my step-father, Bienvenido, and after knowing each other well, they became a couple.  Bienvenido is a great man; I consider him a significant part of my life because he always supports me and plays a big role in all my achievements. My mother and step-father had a son, Kevin who is my brother and the joy of the house.


Place(s): Dominican Republic, New York
Year: 1999

– J

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child