Cambodian Scarf


People out of the country, Cambodia, wear the scarf as a souvenir. People who bought the scarf know that it is and was made in Cambodia only. The flag on the scarf is a Cambodia flag. The scarf is used in many ways. Such as a sweat wiper, headwrap to carry stuff on their head, a towel and etc. The real meaning is that the scarf represent for the Khmer Rouge. Scarf in Khmer is called “kon-sign”. It is similar to handkerchief in suits and how it is used. Some Cambodians now don't like it, because it brings bad memories back from the Khmer Rouge war. The Khmer Rouge and scarf connects with each other, because in 1976 the Khmer Rouge love to wear it all the time with them. Whoever wears the scarf now is for poor people and who works at the rice fields.Poor people in Cambodia use it as a towel, while rich people use a towel like the one in America. My family escaped Cambodia to the Thailand border and not into the city. Then they flew from Thai Airport and landed in San Francisco, California to Wheaton, Illinois. My family’s story connect with other families stories, because they all came from a different country to the United for better opportunities, good living condition, freedom, different weather, different and a brand new experience. My family thanks God for that.

Place(s): Lowell, Ma
Year: 1983

– VC

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child