Making a living


This photo is the factory where father works at, it is located in Brooklyn and they make trousers.
In Dominican Republic my father started working when he was five years old polishing shoes all over town. As he grew older he learned how to sew from both of his parents because that was how they made their living. When my father arrived to the United States in 1978, he only knew how to polish shoes and sew, he never went to school. What he knows today, he has learned from other people. My mother worked as a housekeeper and was a hair stylist on the side. When she arrived to the United States my father was the bread winner in the household. She was a housewife and took care of my sister and I while my dad worked. My mother would do my neighbors hair at home for the extra money. My family could be considered the "typical family" because my dad worked while my mom stayed at home and raised my sister and I. My father had the mentality that society created where his responsibility was to take care of the household and he did. But due to my father being a factory worker he did not make enough money, just enough for food and rent. Whenever my sister and I wanted new clothes or shoes it was hard because he could not afford it. 

Place(s): Dominican Republic, New York
Year: 1978

– SP

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