International school Diploma

The most important object to me is my international high school graduation diploma, which I received at June 2014 in Hangzhou, China. This diploma is significant because it symbolized a turning point in my life, in which I will soon be pursuing a bachelor degree at an American university. Born in Hangzhou, China, but immigrated to Canada when I was in Grade 6, I was lucky because I was given a lot of insight into a different culture. However, when I became a sophomore at a high school in Canada, my family decided to move back to Hangzhou for business reasons. At that time, almost five years had passed since I first moved to Canada, and I was not ready to give up what I had: friends, grades, and much more. I could not picture what I would be experiencing in Hangzhou after the move back. However, I was lucky that I got sent to an American International school in Hangzhou, in which everything was taught in English by American teachers, and every student was familiar with the western culture. An American international high school education provided me with what I need in college and gave me an opportunity to consider colleges in the United States. Deep in heart, I know that without going back to China, without attending this international high school: Hangzhou International School, and without receiving its diploma, I would not end up in New York University.

Year: 2014

– Jenny Liu

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