The Dewey Farm

A picture of a the Dewey family working.
A picture of a the Dewey family working.

My object is a picture of my family, at some point in time, on a farm which had been in my family sense before America was its own country. Having been an American as far back as the start of our country I didn’t think that I could find any object worth writing about. I was very wrong, the fact that we were Americans at the start of the country was just further reason that I would have something to write about. This object connects my family back to this farm, which the entire Dewey family lived on until a few generations ago. It is a black and white picture that is of a generation of the Dewey family. It is unknown to us when the picture was taken or what generation is in the picture. But the idea that we had so many generations living on this farm that we lost count, is a huge insight into how many generations of Deweys lived on this farm. Lee Dewey lived on this farm and when interviewed he was asked, “Is there anything you wish you knew about the generations before you that lived on this farm?” He replied, “I wish I knew exactly how the farm started, I’ve heard different stories, and unfortunately my uncle, aunt, father, would have been able to tell me. Supposedly it was land granted by the king of England.”

Place(s): The Dewey Farm in Granby Connecticut.

– Gabriella

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