Relationship: Child of im/migrant

A symbol that represents me as a person and my family’s journey in this country is my house. My house has not always look the way it looks today in 2017. In fact, my house was almost falling apart. It is safe to say that others saw it as a dump. I have been living in this house since I was born and have not lived anywhere else. On the other hand, my parents have not. My parents both migrated from Mexico and later met in the U.S.  They both came over to the states for a better life, we also know it as the “American dream”. They have always lived in LA county but they would go from renting apartments or garages. Soon they decided that purchasing a house was the best decision at the moment because our family was growing. My house was a mess; everyone would say “that house is ugly, why are you purchasing it” but little did they know that the plans they had were bigger than they can see. Although they’re still looking for changes my house has great meaning because it symbolizes everything that my parents have gone through and how they have little by little been improving our lives. Transforming the house and upgrading things symbolizes how they are living the American dream or making their American dream come true.  It shows how their lives have changed for the better, how one can actually get out of the struggle and choose the type of lifestyle one wants. 

– Miguel Mendoza

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant