Grandparents House

When my grandparents crossed over to the United States this was one of the first houses that they bought, my grandpa worked very hard to buy this house so him and my grandma can give their daughters a place to call home before they came to the United States. This is salient because this shows me how my grandfather overcame many obstacles to give his family including his future grandchildren a home. Meanwhile my grandmother would babysit her daughter, while my grandfather was working in the garage creating dentures to pay for the house and for other necessities. This contributes to who i am because seeing how hard working my grandfather is has taught me that hard work can really get you somewhere even if you are an alien to a new country, and is also the house were I was raised in and cared for till this day.  This is significant to me because I can see how much my grandparents loves us so much enough to sacrifice everything to give us a better education and a chance to a better life here in the United States

– Danny Medina

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant