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Relationship: Im/migrant

Everyone thinks America is the greatest country in this world, however, some people felt regret came to this country. When my mother just moves to this country, one old black and white dictionary was the hope for her to pursue a better life. The communication problem that my mom has when she just move to America make her regret came to this wonderful country. When she goes out looking for a job, many of the unfriendly employer don’t like to take the person who cannot speak English well, and say things not good to my mother. After that happen to her, she was squeezing her body into a tiny ball that make no one can see her, and hide into dark corn to express the sadness. This difficult barrier caused by English makes my apprehensive mother felt frustrated. From that time, she starts to go to crowded school and asks friendly friends for help to study English. Even when she has a fatigue face after long time work, she still uses this old dictionary to keep studying English under the light came from the old lamb. After constantly study every day, my mother learns how to study English well. The most memory things my mother remember was one time someone told her, she speaks good english as a immigrant. One time she said this to me “Dictionary Helps me a lot when I fight for the language barrier.” Now she doesn't feel regret come to this country. The old dictionary just like the struggle and spirit pass from my mother, and it is valuable things in her life.

Year: 2011

– Yinghui

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant