Grandmother's Ring

This ring is the ring that was given to my grandmother on her marriage. My mom kept it as motivation for her to continue her goal to come to the United States in 1982. When my mom had her first two children (my older sisters) she had to find a way to continue providing for her kids and that ring gave her hope and she believed that with her mom in Mexico she would always have a piece of her by her side. I don't see this ring to often but whenever I do see it I know that it went through a lot to stay from all the way to grandmother's generation. This ring is meaningful to me now because it shows me that not everything has to be extravagant or expensive it just has to mean something to you. No matter what people say to me I don't care if I don't have the most expensive shoes or clothes I know that I have to feel rich to be rich.

Year: 1982

– Darius Bailey

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