"Good Morning!"

Relationship: Im/migrant

Claudia Saul says friendly greetings to strangers in New York because it's a Guyananese tradition.“My name is Claudia Saul, I am from Guyana, South America. I came here in 1967 to continue my education. I lived with my cousin. One day I was in the elevator, and I’m used to saying ‘Good morning’ and ‘Good afternoon.’ I’m used to greeting people, and as I entered the elevator, it was crowded. And I said ‘Good morning!’ And no one answered, I was very disappointed. I told the incident to my cousin, and she said to me ‘Claudia! Remember, you’re not in Guyana; you’re in America.’ My object is saying ‘Good morning.’”

Place(s): Guyana
Year: 1967

– Claudia Saul

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant