Gods cross

God's cross
God's cross

 An object that is very meaningful in my family's story is the necklace that keeps God's cross and is made out of beads from Peru handmade. It’s not passed down from my grandfather or something, it's just a necklace that is given to every kid in our family who is 13 or older. The funny thing is that it's not made for wearing but to keep above our head or a place where we are all the time like over my bed to have god with me at all times when I sleep. This necklace is made for us so that we are safe at all times and have god in us because we believe in him.Another main reason on how I got there was because I got baptized and made my community and got another necklace with this one my family gave it to me after the baptism my friends and brother and sister already had it because they were given it also after their baptism’s.


Place(s): Peru
Year: 1997

– JY

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