Machuca and the Punta dance

Relationship: Im/migrant
Mashed plantain
Mashed plantain

In Garifuna costume and food it's called Machuca. Religion and food are called Machuca. You use the outfit to identify yourself and the food uses many utensils, the outfit is worn to dance. The dance is called punta and it is also important to always wear a scarf so that the outfit is complete. It is similar to the Africans but has different outfits and the food needs more ingredients. From a very young age I wanted to learn to cook, I just stood in a corner and told my mom,  I want to learn to cook, Machuca, but she said you are only 8 years old, you are very young. I insisted too much on her, but for a while, she got tired of my insisting. She said come I will teach you and I was very happy because I was going to learn.  She told me to help her wash the ingredients and I was all happy then as time went on I learned more and more and now I do it without my mother's help. I always tell her I thank her for teaching me many things. When the British decided to deport members of this community from San Vicente to the island of Roatan, many of them went to the mainland and spread throughout the Central American country. My mom dressed me on April 12 of each year. The arrival of the Garifuna in Honduras is celebrated and we celebrate them as a Garifuna family. I connect with dance, food, and everything because I've done it since I was little, culture is not lost. It is very important because it identifies us as Garifuna.

Place(s): Honduras
Year: 2019

– K-S

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant