It been a long time, I almost forgot about what time I came to United States. I think it when I’m was 9 years old and now I am 15. About 6 years, I  remember that time I’m surprise about when my mom tell me that  we’re going to immigrate to USA and I felt very happy about it because I can meet my father. I don't have any memory about him during that time. Two month later, I came to United States of America, I start my new life. But for real it’s seems not easy to live there because I don’t understand the language that they speak. And there’s many word I don't know how to write and read. But the lucky thing is that, I make lots of friend that they can help me of my class work and help me translate what teacher is talking about. And they let me adapt to the life here more quickly. So I want say that thank you guys. Even right now we are in different school; different places and we don’t meet each other anymore. But still thank you guys for helping me during that time.

Year: 2009

– Ziyi Liu

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child