When my dad was little, this "escapulario" was given to him by my grandma. This "sacred" item represents not only my family's religion, but this also represents that Jesus had always protected my family. This is the same cross that my dad carried with him when he cross the border illegally, when he suffered hard times, throughout the majorly of his life. It gives the sense that God was always there for us, in the "good" and "bad" times. This "escapulario" was a beacon for my family. This kept us safe, in good health, good lives, and it most importantly it gave my family enough strength to better their lifes. Every time I see this, not only it's a sign of my my family has been through, but it something to rely on when I need it most. This cross gives me the push to achieve greater, the same push my dad did 29 years ago when he crossed the U.S/Mex Border to achieve a better life. I will try to achieve a better life for myself and that's going to college to make a family of my own. With Jesus Christ being the light for my future.

Year: 2016

– Rogelio P.

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