Growing up in a Italian Household food is a very important aspect to this culture. Every Sunday is almost as a holiday, no one was allowed to skip out on Sunday dinner and it is family day. On Sundays we eat antipasti which is known as an appetizer and pasta with a pot of sauce. Women do all the cooking and everything is handmade and no processed or bought food would be served. Italians follow many holidays for example Christmas Eve, Christmas, Easter, Saint Joseph's Day, and many more. On certain holidays only certain food will be served due to the religion part. On Christmas Eve 7 fishes will be served followed by more fish dishes with no meat. On Christmas Day only meat will be served with no fish. Back in Italy it is very common for everyone to own their own lemon and tomato trees therefore all important ingredients are grown very easy for them and is made fresh. Any event always involves food. We love to cook and eat and growing up. Food can really represent my Italian Heritage.  

Year: 1934

– Sabrina Gargano

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant