Recipe for Pozloe

Relationship: Im/migrant

My object, a recipe for Pozole, tells the story of how our culture never left my family. The recipe for Pozole was passed down to my mother by my grandmother. The story begins in 1995, when my mother came to the United States from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She came because the United States was called the "land of opportunities". But it was difficult to understand the different languages, holidays, and cultures that were here in New York city. The only thing she knew how to make was our cultures food, it reminded her of when she was little, when it became chilly and the smell of the herb my grandma put in the pot. Every time she eats Pozole she feels connected to Mexico. Currently I'm learning how to make it. Pozole is better to eat every time it gets cold because it'll warm you up. Therefore the recipe for Pozole shows where my mom came from and how the culture runs in my family.

Place(s): Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

– Ninoska Beltran

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant