Atol Chuco and Tortas

Relationship: Im/migrant

This artifact is from El Salvador and is about tortas and atol chuco my grandmother made when we were celebrating something special. I remember the one time that I cooked with her but I do not cook like she does. This artifact is associated with all my family because when my mother makes the tortas and atol chuco my family comes to my home to eat tortas and atol chuco. Also my whole family loves tortas and atol chuco because the tortas and atol chuco are exquisite.

This artifact is important for me because my grandmother used to make it to celebrate something in special moments. It’s important  because I love tortas and atol chuco and when my whole family goes to the beach we all said we carry cakes from where my grandmother comes and when everyone is ready we all go to the beach. Also it is important because she made them for me and I love her.  lived with her for 12 years and she made good food. But I like more when she makes tortas and atol chuco the almost as  important for my family because my grandmother cooked so good but when she cooked trotas and atol chuco I loved it the most her because I love trotas and atol chuco. 

This artifact represents my culture because my grandmother makes it and when I eat it here in the United States I identify because I remember when she cooked and she sat with me and we ate together from the same plate. Also I identify when I am eating tortas and atol chuco because is a typical food in El Salvador and I love tortas.  

Place(s): El Salvador, Annapolis MD
Year: 2016

– Luis

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant