Fishing Rod

Relationship: Im/migrant
Fishing Rod my dad used in Vietnam
Fishing Rod my dad used in Vietnam

 It was during the Vietnam War when my Dad moved here. He was only 16 years old! He was working at a pier catching some fish to make some money. My Dad was working when he saw a U.S ship that told him to get in because it was dangerous here in Vietnam during the war. So he got on the boat not knowing what was going on because of he did not understand English. They had guns so he was terrified for his life so he got on the boat. Little did he know he was going to the United States. He got here and he had to start working to make money to go back to Vietnam again. He lived with some kids that went to his school. He eventually got enough money for a ticket back to Vietnam 10 years after getting here. My grandparents thought my dad had died since he had not come home in 10 years.
 He later met my mom in Vietnam and then he asked her to go to the United States with him since he had a U.S passport. She said yes she will move to the U.S with him and then they got married there in 1999. Two years later I was born. When I was born my parents took me to Vietnam so my grandparents can take care of me. I lived in Vietnam for 3 years. Eventually I had to move back here because the Vietnam government sent a letter to my grandparents house if I didn't I'd become a Vietnamese citizen so my parents had to come back and get me. When I got back here my dad lived Upstate New York.
 I went to school Upstate New York from Pre K to 3rd grade. After the 3rd grade my dad got a job in Brooklyn.

Place(s): Vietnam
Year: 1968

– Danny Nguyencao

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant