The reason why I choose a diploma to represent my story is that diploma has a lot of meaning in my life. In the spring of 2014. I went to an American school for the first time. I felt like such an outsider because everything was different. All student spoke in English. They asked me questions but I didn’t know how to answer. However the idea of receiving a diploma from an American school kept me motivated. This image of diploma helped me to get rid of my fears and bad thoughts. I tried my best. My goal was to learn English and get into the best college possible. I knew it would be hard and there would be many obstacles. The first one was the ELA Regents Exam. I read books and practiced every day because I had promised myself that I would pass the exam and graduate from high school. When I received the phone call telling me I had passed the ELA regents and all my classes, I felt an enormous sense of pride. It was June 28, 2016. Everyone was sitting side by side. Our principal begin to call the students name to give them diploma. I felt like I was in dream, I couldn’t believe that I finally here and graduating. The moment he called my name I felt the tears in my eyes and they were dropping like a rain. This was the first my step in forming my new life in America. I realized that along the road, there will always people who tell you what you cannot achieve but only you have the power to give those words meaning.

Year: 2014

– Sanobar

Relationship:  unknown unknown