This image is more than just a picture with my great-grandfather in it. It’s a picture that reveals the sacrifices he made so my family can have a better life. My great-grandfather lived in France for half of his life. There he was a priest preaching about God. Later on in his life he fell in love with one of the woman who helped keep the church clean. Doing this had a great impact in his life. He was forced to flee France and immigrate to a small town in Mexico. He had to leave the priesthood and change his name. In Mexico he began to study medicine and he later became a doctor. He preached to the homeless people about the church while hiding from the government. When the war between the church and the government was over, my great-grandfather continued to preach about God. When my grandpa was born, he moved to the United States where he started a family. If my great-grandfather stayed in France, he would have been killed and my family would have not existed.

Year: 1800

– Marc Anthony Camps

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