Christmas Tree

The day my mother migrated to Santa Ana in America, it was Christmas Eve and they went to stay with my grandfather’s relatives who had already settled down in California. My grandfather was raised as a citizen in America, but when he fell in love with my grandmother, who lived in Mexico, he wanted her to move to California with him-- she would be an immigrant. My mother and her siblings lived in Mexico with my grandmother’s family until they could send them to be with their parents (when it was safe and the time was right). My aunt told me that she remembered it was Christmas Eve when she entered the house, and it was her first time seeing a Christmas tree. Her and her siblings were drawn to the tree and its decorations and it gave her this sudden feeling of happiness. At that moment, looking at her younger siblings (one was including my mother) she knew that everything was okay and it will be okay as long as she with her family. The Christmas holiday is cherished in my family and my aunt says that part of the year brings back so much memories, as well as so much joy into her life. My mother didn’t remember any of this, since she was a little girl, but I’m sure she has new sense of joy for Christmas and the tree that symbolizes Christ, and the good He gave to my family by allowing my mother and her seven other siblings-- sisters and brothers-- to be with their parents again. 

Place(s): Mexico, Santa Ana
Year: 1971

– Jessica Garcia

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child