La Guadalupita

Relationship: Im/migrant

A lot of people do not believe in miracles but to my family it’s a different story. La Virgin de Guadalupe is a image of hope and faith for many, she is a light in the darkest of times. She protects us from bad spirits, bad vibes, and bad luck. when it gets tough she helps you believe everything will be okay and in the end everything is okay. My family has been able to get through their toughest times, highs and lows with the help of La Virgin de Guadalupe. A very important moment for my family was when La Guadalupita made sure both my mother and I survived once she gave birth. Although we did, i still was in risk of dying because of how much liquid had gotten into my lungs and because of that I had to undergo surgery. You would think I would be okay but odds were against us. That night my family prayed and begged La Virgin de Guadalupe to make sure I would be okay and she did. She made sure I was alive and well. Now, I live and believe that everything has a solution and everything will be okay because of her. I believe she is there to show me it’ll get easier and it will be okay. Even though it definitely isn’t always perfect I still believe that I can get through it because she gives me hope

Place(s): New York
Year: 2000

– Heidy G.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant