Cross necklace

Relationship: Im/migrant
Cross necklace with sliver chain
Cross necklace with sliver chain

This is a cross necklace I got a few years ago for my birthday from my mom. Ever since I opened this box on my birthday I have been in touch with it and it brings memories and remembrance that God is always with me. This is part of my story because it tells a really big piece of my culture and family. Ever since I was born my parents and family have been connected to God. He has done great things in our lives that have changed me and my family into people that are leaders and people who do great things. This object means a lot to me. Not only do I always look back at it but I receive it and look at it as a gift from my mom and from God. This represents me as a Christian and shows the connection between me and God and my knowledge and where I want to take my life. I’m happy to know that wherever I chose to take my life God will be with me and will take me in the right direction. 

– NL

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant