Relationship: Im/migrant

My object is Quran.  First my object came from Saudi Arabia.  My Quran is brown and blue, it is medium size.  I keep it in a special box in the basement where nobody knows where it is.  I use it every day after each time I pray, I pray 5 times a day. My dad got it from Saudi Arabia when he was visiting, he loved it.  When we were in Egypt my dad gave it to me like a gift because I only see him for 2 months every 2 years.  It’s important to me because when I see and read the Quran I remember my dad, who I don't see for a long time. The Quran is a book used for part of praying after the main praying. My dad gave it to me because he wants me to remember him and most importantly to remember God and never forget him.  I live in the US while my dad lives in the Middle East.  When I read the Quran after praying and when I’m angry it makes me calm down by remembering my God and my dad.

Place(s): Saudi Arabia and Egypt
Year: 2018

– Mohamad

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant