Old, fragile pages. Its dusty.
Old, fragile pages. Its dusty.

Our Bible is a small book. It’s dusty and old. The pages look fragile. The book sits in my mothers room. On a shelf, forgotten at some points but still there. The book is a possession of my mothers. One she seems to cherish a lot. An item that she loves dearly, even if she doesn’t touch it often. Although we are not highly religious, it’s still an important thing to us. We may not use it on a daily basis, but it’s still ours to keep. No matter how many times we walk around the book, ignoring it and disregarding it, we still have it as a keepsake in our hearts. It’s very important to us and while it may look old and disgusting, it's still ours.

Place(s): Europe

– Chances Palmer

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