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Catholic Bible
Catholic Bible

When my grandparents migrated from Kershaw, South Carolina to Paterson, New Jersey they only had one thing in mind: A new beginning. My grandparents purchased something of their own, their own two family house. When the family arrived at the house it was completely empty of the previous owners things, except for one thing left on the mantle. This Catholic Holy Bible. My grandmother picked it up and looked through it. Contemplating if she should contact the previous owner to return it, she decided that she would keep it there on the mantle. It would become our family's. Being a woman that believed everything was a "sign" she could not help but to think that this Bible being left here on the mantle was a sign from God himself, that her and my grandfather had made the right decision to migrate north, and to purchase this house to raise their family in. After my grandparents passing, my sister has possession of the Bible now and she keeps it in her house which is the first house that she has also purchased for her family. One day I plan to take it and keep it in my house, on the mantle. 

Place(s): South Carolina,New Jersey
Year: 1952

– Jasmin Voyd

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant