Relationship: Im/migrant

This object represent the tradition and cultural of my family. Lepi is a traditional clothing that the Fulbe or Fulani people from Guinea Conakry wear. The Fulani people wear this clothes during traditional weddings, naming ceremonies, Eid celebrations, or during Hajj (pilgrimage) celebration. In the middle of Guinea Lepi which is also a traditional fulani fabric of futa jalon represents the values of Futa Jalon people. Futa jalon is my dad’s village and it is were my grandfather came from. This clothing is important to me because whenever someone is getting married in my family he or she has to wear it.  It's part of our tradition, and was  given to my dad by my grandfather on his wedding day.  My dad will give it to any one of us as a gift, when it time for us to get married. My family immigrate from Sierra Leone, west Africa to the United States in July 2004 . They landed in Boston Massachusetts. My family story is unique because the place where my dad came from is a historic place in Guinea, Conakry people can go there for sightseeing. The Mandinka people have a similar culture as the Fulani people.  

Place(s): Guinea Conakry, America
Year: 2016

– MJ

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant