Family Bible
Family Bible

I have a Bible from 1844 that was owned by my Great Great Grandfather the Reverend Thomas Jackson. This fantastic Bible is very old and with a leather cover to help protect the pages longer. The pages have a musty smell. Although it has a few rips in it the book is still in incredible condition. This was actually so important to my Great Great Grandfather that it was embossed which means that the edge of the pages was dipped in gold. On the first page of the book, there is a note by him where it is interesting to see his handwriting.Reverend Jackson used the bible for his work since he was the Archbishop of New Zealand. He was born in 1812 to a father who was also a preacher. He grew up in England and attended Oxford College. In 1850 he boarded the “ Castle Eden” and arrived in New Zealand 6 months later. He was one of the key people that helped start the immigration of people from England to New Zealand. I think it is interesting that his bible in the ancient world including Canaan and Judea, then he ended up sailing to what was then the new world ( New Zealand ). He died in 1886 where certain reading was read from his family bible at the funeral then given to his son who has passed it on through generations.        

Place(s): Ireland, New Zealand, New York
Year: 1850


Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more