The Pastels and the Bible

The Pastels
The Pastels

          I remember all of the times my family and I ate pastels in my grandma’s house on the holidays where my whole family would eat, laugh, and have fun. I also remember a time where my family and I went to church to learn the ways of God and to be on the good path. In church, we would sing and read the Bible. My family is from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and we love to eat delicious pastels on holidays and we believe in God and Jesus. Both of these objects connect to my roots because my grandma has always made pastels on the holidays and we always believed in God. The pastels and bible represent my family’s cultural identity because we are people that believe in God and are still learning his ways. We try to connect to him through church and prayer. 

          The pastels are special to my family’s culture because my grandma makes them with a lot of love on holidays when my whole family spends time together. To us, family comes first because we care about each other and we like to have fun together. My family story is unique because we are not a normal family. We are a crazy, fun, and good heart family that likes to eat good special food on holidays. We are a grateful family that believes in God because without him we wouldn’t be alive and we wouldn’t have anything so we are very grateful to have God in our lives. We like to have fun and we are funny and kind and support each other. That’s why I love my family so much.  

Place(s): Puerto Rico

– Chantalle

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