I wanted to study overseas ,so I had to study English in the United State for a long time.  Then, I sometime feel miss my parents and home. However, I have an object that makes me feel relax and remind to my country, Thailand. There is my bracelet.  My object made from threads. There was bands together until it will be thick. After that, it will put on your wrist. There is a white and very smooth when it still a new one. But after the time was past, it will have off-white and rough because I can’t take it out from my wrist.       
In general, old people or people that you respect will band the bracelet to you, and you have to wear it. For approximately 3 months, after that you can take it off. But for this time, I planed to wear it until I study my Master’s. I had gotten this bracelet from the temple 5 months ago that my family believe in. My family and I had decided to go to the temple because that day was Thailand New Year. When I arrived at the temple, I prayed for buddha. After that, a monk gave the bracelet to me so I gave it to my mom. She blessed me while she banded it to my wrist on the right hand. Finally, it was on my wrist and I worn it up to the present time.        
In conclude, the bracelet  has stories for me and help me not feels alone a abroad. I advise everyone to have objects to make you feel better.  

Place(s): Thailand

– Captain

Relationship:  unknown unknown