Do you have a special item that connects you to your culture? I know I do. Living in the heterogeneous mixture of cultures that shape America into a nation of success, every culture must maintain a diverse symbol to acknowledge each’s background. Therefore, the item that represents my culture is a cross. Because I am a Greek Orthodox Christian, having a cross is a custom in my religion. This cross is worn around my neck to protect me and remind me of God. Currently, the cross I have is from Cyprus and was given to me by my grandparents. I wear my cross on holidays such as Thanksgiving when I give my thanks to God and on other holidays like Christmas when my immediate and extended families come together to celebrate. Moreover, these are big Greek gatherings and we’re all proud to wear our crosses and convey our culture. This is special to me because it was a thoughtful gift from the other side of the world that my grandparents gave me and it is a symbol of my religion. In conclusion, my cross shapes my identity by reminding me of God and allowing me to appreciate everything that I have, which permits me to express my culture on American holidays.

Year: 2016

– Ariana D

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