Necklace of Saint Christopher

Gold Necklace of Saint Christopher
Gold Necklace of Saint Christopher

 My Grandpa, who we called Pop-Pop, was born in 1944. He was a State Farm insurance agent, and he also coached softball. He was a super funny and loving grandpa. We had a lot of fun spending time with him and visiting him over the summer. He died in 2017 from liver cancer. When he died he passed down to me a gold necklace. The necklace has a picture of Saint Christopher, and says, “Saint Christopher Protect Us”. My grandma gave the necklace to him on his 30th birthday around 1974. My grandpa loved the necklace and wore it every day. He gave it to me because I am named Christopher. The necklace also connects to our religion. My family is Christian, and Saint Christopher is a Christian Saint. Saint Christopher was supposed to have carried baby Jesus across a river. I still have and wear the necklace to this day, and it reminds me of how loving my Grandpa was to everyone and how much he loved me.

Place(s): Ohio


Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more