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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
this is my favorite baby doll.
this is my favorite baby doll.

This teddy bear/doll goes way back. The name of the teddy bear is Wendy, i named it Wendy because it looks like a Wendy also because when I was smaller I had a bestfriend that was named Wendy so I named it after my old friend. Now I don't really remember this but my mom told me. Wendy is like 13 years old. This doll is kinda dirty and that’s why I asked my mom “where did I bring this doll and how did I treat it?”my mom said “you really liked this doll so you carried it everywhere. But you treated it good but it will fall a lot on the floor” so I’m guessing that’s why it’s dirty. This doll is small but since I was small I had small hands so it was good for my hands size. I was really curious about my baby toy/doll so asked my mom another question. I asked her “why did you choose this toy/doll”she said “I chose this toy because it was cute and small so thought you would like it”. And she was right, my favorite baby toy. I put this as my object because it was favorite baby toy. Also I think it has passed through a lot with me so I has a lot of memory’s with this toy

Place(s): New York
Year: 2002

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Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant