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My first violin.
My first violin.

 Music has been the heartbeat of my family and me. It was as though a rhythm was crafted within our soul, naturally guiding us toward a path filled with sound and harmony. I was born in the Philippines, but my earliest memories take place in the United States. An aspiration for a better life fueled my family to migrate, but details have been lost to me. What remained is the vivid rich musical memories of my family. I chose to follow in their footsteps, I was finally able to start practicing the violin at age eleven. What I was gifted was a beginner violin, but I was satisfied either way, I wanted this dream since the age of five. I went into my music journey, my mother would often tell me stories about my grandfather, the man of our family. He was what I considered a “Da Vinci man,” but what stood tall was his virtuosity, which he used to effortlessly breathe life into amazingly, the violin. Over time, the violin became more than an instrument, it served as a generational bridge, linking me to my grandfather. When my life took a decline I looked to music and my violin, not only calmed my nerves, but made it feel as if my grandfather was there, within my soul. The violin is no longer a part of my daily life, but its era has been carved in gold within me, a cherished chapter in my life. The violin I played never belonged to my grandfather, but it played a pivotal role in developing my love for the fine arts, as well as nurturing a relationship with him I had lost too soon. 

Place(s): Philippines, United States, Las Vegas
Year: 2006

– Josh Burgos

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child