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This is my stuffed bunny (currently)
This is my stuffed bunny (currently)

I have this one stuffed animal who I treasure more than my others. Its name is Bun Bun. I have always cared for it. I used to bring it everywhere. It is a brown bunny with floppy ears and body. It has a white tail and eyes you can barely see. I once took it to camp but I must've left it on the bus because it wasn't there when I got home. I was so sad that my mom bought me the same exact stuffed animal days later. I never really brought it out after that. That happened when I was about 5 and yet I still remember it happening so clearly. In 4th grade I finally took it outside for "Show and Tell". It was all going well until one of my classmates took it and started passing it around, as if it were a ball. I was so furious and started trying to snatch it back. Eventually they dropped it and left. I felt so bad that, as soon as I got home I made my own little hospital so it could rest and heal. It laid there for months and I never took it out again.

Place(s): camp, school

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