Baby Stroller and Book

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

Here is my mom pushing this stroller representing the struggle she went through when trying to learn English while having a baby. Obstacles began when she arrived in the United States as she didn’t know any English it was frustrating and difficult to find a job. It was hard because she was afraid of asking using an unfamiliar language and job-bosses denied it to her basing in her lack of English words. “Fue y todavia es muy dificil (it was and still is very difficult) to move around since I haven't domain this language,” she said. My mom explains that she isn’t familiar with English is because she hasn’t had the opportunity to learn. Furthermore, everywhere she goes schools, hospitals, work, subway, etc, she feels voiceless. After noticing that my mom began to study vocabulary words using a small book, only when she had little time left after work. She spent busy evenings reading while rushing because the time was running out and still was a lot of words to cover. She read the words while her tongue struggled to let the vocabulary be free in the air. But, it all changed when suddenly a new illusion full of hope to fulfill her heart came. She gave birth a daughter. My little sister now takes away the only little time my mom had left to study. She gives all the time from the busy evenings to her daughter sharing happiness and joy. My Mom keeps pushing her heavy stroller because she wants to get away from her fate. There’s no one to blame but we all are victims of our destiny.

Year: 2002

– Jefferson S.

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant