Relationship: Im/migrant
photograph of me with my grandfather
photograph of me with my grandfather

This photo is of me with my grandfather. It was taken on his last birthday in 2021. This photo is very important and special to me because that day we baked a cake, we opened gifts, we toasted him, and he told us things about the past. It was his 89th birthday and we took many photos. Laughing and listening to him tell all those naughty stories was super fun. He was the most loving, fun and super special grandfather to us. We tried to make that day special for him without knowing that it would be the last time we would be with him. His smile and the love he showed us remains engraved in me. I keep this photo since he died shortly after. It was my last photo with him. This photo is a memory that I will always carry with me. 

Place(s): New York City, The Dominican Republic
Year: 2020

– Veronica Jimenez

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant