Honorary Military Flag

World War II Honorary Flag
World War II Honorary Flag

This Flag was my Great Great Grandfather’s flag, who served in WWI & WWII. He had seven siblings, four of whom served in WWI. He had nine children, seven of them served in WWII with him. All were local to Rye NY. The flag was Gov’t issued and each star represents a son who served in WWII. 

  • CMDR William Augustus Read Jr (Navy Cross & 2 Purple Hearts)
  • CPL Curtis Read (Army), David Read (Navy), Roderick Read (Navy), Peter Read (Marine), Alexander Read, Donald Read.
The flag tells many stories. The flag currently hangs in the family’s century-old Adirondack Great Camp, Three Star Camp. One star represents my Great Grandfather, William Augustus Read Jr, whom I knew. During WWII, he was a nose gunner of a Navy B-24, went on over 25 bombing missions, but one unfortunate day he was shot down. The plane crashed into the ocean with half of the crew surviving. They swam three miles to a nearby island. After a few days, a friendly B-24 shot down a Japanese fighter. Unfortunately, it crashed on their small island killing a few of the surviving men and breaking Cmdr Read’s leg. Surprisingly, a Japanese pilot emerged armed with a sword. Cmdr Read ran back to his camp to grab his knife and some coconuts. He and some of his crew were able to persuade the downed enemy to retreat. They searched the fallen plane finding canned fish, rice, and lifesavers. They survived for two months and were rescued by the USS Gunnel submarine.

Place(s): New York


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