Bangladeshi Traditional Dress

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 Hello. My name is Alam Yasmin. I am an intermediate student in Sunnyside Community Service. I am from Bangladesh and i came to America on December 24, 2016. Today I am going to tell you all about my country’s traditional dress ‘Saree’. Handloom sarees are traditional textile art of Bangladesh. Women wear saree in festivals, weddings. Most of the bangladeshi women always wear saree. It has a long history from a fragment of cotton found on a metal tool in Mohenjo Daro and silk found in ornaments excavated from Harappa to the modern synthetic fabrics. Mankind journey in the arena of textile has been long and colorful. In the ancient Bangladesh, both stitched and unstitched length of fabrics, such as cotton and silk were draped around the body and formed the main garments. My mother gave a really beautiful saree during my marriage ceremony. She left us but I have kept the saree with care and love. I sometimes wear the saree during our festivals.       The saree that my mother gave me was a symbol of her love. I always try to keep that with me. Today I came to America, there is no way I could wear that here but still i brought it with me. It symbolizes her love and prayers for us. The weather of New York is not favourable for this kind of traditional dresses. But i love to keep it with me. 

Place(s): Dhaka
Year: 2016

– Alam Yasmin

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant