Army Coat - World War II

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World War II Army Coat
World War II Army Coat

My great-grandfather enlisted in the army from 1940-1945. He fought in World War II and trained to fight in a special operations squad. When he died in 1985, the army gave my great-grandmother both his United States Army jacket and an American flag. My great-grandmother then passed the items down to my grandfather, and then my father eventually inherited them.  The first jacket is made out of rough wool. The beautiful jacket has badges and stars on it. It has polished gold buttons on the front and is in excellent condition. The jacket is dark gray and has pockets on the inside and on either side on the front. The American flag is folded with precision in a triangle. The second jacket is dark green and is used as a formal jacket for special events. It is green on the out and inside and has the words "US Army" imprinted on the front right pocket of the jacket. Both the flag and the two jackets symbolize the devotion and dedication my grandfather made for his country. He was a courageous soldier and although I did not know him, I am proud to be his great-grandson. 

Place(s): Cape Cod; Rye, New York


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