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Relationship: Im/migrant

My mother wanted the best for her future children, she wanted more opportunities, which is why she decided to to come to New York. Once after her wedding day, she had to move to New York, that’s where my father lived. My mother is from Cuautla, Morelos. My mother is a fan of jewlery. Once my mom and my dad’s mom picked a wedding dress, my grandma handed her a pair of earrings so she can wear it on her wedding day. She felt welcomed in the Campos family. Although she was not a big fan of the earrings, she was appreciative and grateful. It took a while for my mother to cross, she had to travel with my dad’s sister (aunt) on a plane. My aunt and my mother had to pretend they were family so my mom was able to cross. My mother has anxiety, so she was kind of scared what would’ve happened if they had to send her back to Mexico. It was a pretty complicated route, while my dad has already landed in New York by himself. But once she had landed, she opened doors for more opportunities for herself and her 6 kids she had later on. This whole country is based on immigrants, my mother’s story is just one of them that makes up America.

Year: 1996

– Najely Campos

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant